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Buying a vehicle or getting a car loan with bad credit are not usually enjoyable experiences, however it doesn’t have to be painful. To the contrary, our Cambridge Ontario dealership works with bad credit people by securing car or truck loans at the best possible overall rates in Ontario. In conclusion, we assist them in their credit re-building process.

Finally, and most importantly, If your credit score is low, and you are looking for certain auto loans deals with the best interest rate or no money down, then CALL US to speak with a representative.

Bad Credit Auto Loan Dealer in Cambridge

At our Cambridge Ontario dealership we work with people with bad credit as we understand your situation and are here to help you in a time of need and we hope that this helps us gain your valuable business now and we look forward to the future.

By securing you a car or truck loan at the best possible overall deal in Ontario we assist our customers in the bad credit re-building process and are here to help. We look at the long term and are here to provide you with valuable information contact us today to explain how this works and can work for you!

How to get financed for your bad credit auto loan in Ontario

1. Submit our secure online car loan application

2. Our finance manager will contact you to review the car loan application and explain you all the bad credit vehicle financing options

3. Once your bad credit car loan is approved, the process will be finalized with the same personalized vehicle finance manager.

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Is bad credit your problem? A car loan might be the answer

Credit score re-building process

First of all, you should be able to re-build your credit regardless of your history in Canada. For instance, a bad credit car loan is one of the best ways in Ontario to get yourself from no credit to full recovery. In fact, car loans in Canada are non-revolving, so by creating a relationship with these bad credit auto loan lenders will help you to start boosting up your credit score. Most importantly, every month of payments will be reported to your credit bureau.

On-time payments

Typically after one year of on time payments, lenders usually consider financing at a lower interest rate, which can turn into savings on your cost of borrowing. This is why it’s important to explore all your options at that point to ensure you qualify for the best possible deal.

We can get you approved

If you are looking to finance a used car in Cambridge Ontario, Kitchener Waterloo Region, Brantford or Hamilton, apply for a car loan with bad credit so our dealer in Cambridge can give you exact monthly payments instead of guessing.

We don’t just say 100% approval like any other bad credit car loans dealership. It’s important to for us that you get financed at the lowest possible interest rate while re-establishing your low credit. Zero down and First Payment in 45 Days! At times, a down payment may be required for financing however we will do our best to achieve a $0 down car loan.

Minimum Income

It’s simple if you have the income then you’ll qualify, so you can take advantage of our almost guaranteed used car bad credit loans, regardless of your credit history.

At our Cambridge Ontario dealership our professionally trained finance managers work with a variety financing institutions to find the best rates available for your credit situation.

All sorts of income types accepted apply now and drive away with a quality vehicle. Whether you have No Credit, Slow Credit, Bad Credit, or have been through BankruptcyConsumer Proposal, have Repossessions, Divorce, Missed Payments, Collections or Parking Fines we have a solution for you.