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Due to COVID-19, the effects of a major pandemic is felt globally. To say the least, it has been catastrophic in economic terms and human lives. It’s a tough time for most people. Many small businesses are the most hurt though, as they might not necessarily have the capacity to weather the economic storm.

However, it’s during times like these that people find it worthwhile to support these types of businesses. Rather than patronizing multi-national conglomerates, there are many reasons why you might want to buy from a small, family-run business instead. These are the reasons why we think there is more value on these types of businesses than a big franchise corporations right now.

1. Customer Service

A big corporation with massive sales volume will start to threat the customer like a number.

With smaller companies, there is typically more room for negotiations to occur. Even after sales, if you are left dissatisfied you [...]

A new reality

Due to the occurring global COVID-19 pandemic, many small business have been forced to adapt to this new reality. Fortunately, Lebada Motors has put together a comprehensive plan for car purchases to be made from the comfort of your own home.

While it may sound surprising, online car purchases are not uncommon. A few companies in the US operate and sell vehicles exclusively online. Following this path and to adjust to the current social distancing guidelines, we have made the entire process accessible online, from e-signing documents, to request CARFAX reports, to virtual tours and even doorstep delivery.

Guidelines for due diligence

Before looking to buy a car from home, you should perform everything as you would a conventional car purchase prior. Understand your own needs, do a research and set a monthly budget to stick to. Everything you need is readily available on the internet. You should familiarize yourself with all [...]

Inevitably, the time for you to get rid of your current car will come. While car enthusiasts wouldn’t mind keeping an old car around for ages, most people treat cars as a method of transportation at best. The other thing is that as car ages, problems begin to surface, existing technology becomes obsolete meaning that old cars lag behind when it comes to convenience. The government understands this obviously, hence incentives are provided to encourage folks to change cars every so often. However, when the time comes for you to get rid of your car, you might ask yourself: do I figure out a way to sell it, or should I just trade it in?

Nowadays, trading in is a very common practice. Most people don’t have the time nor the effort to spend on selling a car privately. Therefore, trading in is an offer provided by most used car dealers, but what are actually [...]

Before thinking about a new car, spend the time to ask yourself why do you need it. This means putting aside all of your subjective opinions and questioning yourself objectively before heading to the nearest used car lot. Then, set a strict budget for yourself, and try your best to never overspend on things you do not need..

Most people often opt to finance their next car. Certainly, you have to pay interest and you will end up paying more than you would’ve buying the car immediately, but financing helps make those purchases with small payments every month and removing the need for you to give a way a large sum of money that often you don’t have right away.

Calculating the total amount of money spent over the installment period seems tricky, but there are plenty of free online calculators that will make your life easier or reach out to us to know the [...]

There’s a fact for everyone’s credit score: it’s arduous to maintain a solid credit foundation, yet all too easy to damage what you’ve built up. It happens to anyone who lost their financial security in a sudden. This is when you cut down on expenditures to alleviate the situation and one of the first things to go is undoubtedly your current car.

Here’s the thing, bad credit score happens. When you have to get your car repossessed, it leaves an impacting mark on your credit history. However, despite what’s commonly the belief, getting approved for a loan and affording a car on minimum income and bad credit score is definitely possible. In fact, it is something that we deal with all the time. Here’s how you cope with bad credit and manage to keep a car running during tough times.

It’s obvious, but first and foremost you should immediately look for a job. Granted, it’s [...]

After all the grueling and tedious research you’ve done, browsing through a wide range of cars from different used car dealers, you’re at the final stretch and undoubtedly, auto financing is still the most popular way by far, so acknowledging how down payments work can help you budgeting for your next car.

The concept of making a down payment is easy. While some people often can’t bare the upfront cost of a new car, paying part of the total sum is possible. This also serves as reassurance for the creditors, which could potentially decrease the interest rate of your payment.

It is worth noting that it doesn’t have to be cash upfront though. Down payment can also be an equity you own that can cover part of the cost of your newer car. For car dealers, this often translates to your current vehicle, as most dealers out there do accept your old car as trade-in. [...]

This is what the Lebada family enjoy the most on Sundays!. There were no need for cars at that time 🙂



For prudent consumers, buying used is a method to save money, and the same applies to cars. However, you can always save a bit more money on your purchase. And when you have the flexibility of a dynamic, moving market that’s untied to MSRP, being smart can not only save you money but also avert potential headaches in the future.

Even then, saving money can also be categorized into two types, one being short-term, where you cut the costs down during purchase, and the other being long-term. While short-term savings are important, long-term savings are absolutely crucial for a car and towards sustainable ownership unless you’re not concerned with keeping it for long.

1. Research

Again, whether if you’re buying new or used, being prepared can only be beneficial for your ownership experience. If you know what to expect and anticipate, you can grasp a good idea of which car is actually appropriate for your [...]

If you’re a car buyer to Canada, and you’re looking for a car as a means of transportation, it can be a daunting ordeal. People assume that the automotive landscape is similar to the States, and while that is true to a certain extent, Canada possesses a rather unique, distinguished market itself.

However, a car is nevertheless imperative to travel around Canada. An affordable and reliable car will serve you well down the line, and here’s a list of cars that fit the criteria and also shifts quickly on our lot.

1. Ford Focus

A classic household favorite, the Ford Focus is an icon. It’s hard to go wrong with one regardless of which part of the world you’re living in. It abides by the quintessential aspects for a compact that appeals to the masses while incorporating Ford’s own vast know-how in car-making to produce consistently praiseworthy results.

Certainly, there have been multiple revisions and [...]

What is the fastest way to get approved to buy a car in Canada?

Getting pre-approved in Kitchener-Waterloo

Buying a car is a daunting experience, especially for first-timers. However, once you understand the process behind it, especially once you comprehend the whole procedure behind car loaning, it can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. Loaning a car can help you afford cars that you might not be able to otherwise, but it is important to apprehend the process behind it before you get enthusiastic about car shopping.

What a car loan is, in essence, is basically borrowing someone else’s money to purchase a car. You then pay back that money on an installment, but with interest serving as the fee for borrowing the lump sum. Of course, if you’re talking about a beater you can generally pay for it directly with cash. But when we’re mentioning a lightly used modern car, financing it through a loan will be one of the best method to pay for the car.


If you’re looking to [...]