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So you’re looking for a used truck, and you’re not sure where to start? While buying a used truck is a smart decision often a used truck can do the same job as a brand new one can do for much less money. Either you submit to the process of driving all over Kitchener looking at used pick-up trucks that have been put up in the classifieds, or you decide to go through a pick-up truck dealer and contend with all you can find there. When looking for a used truck is there any solution that makes the entire process easy? Well, there will always be some work involved, but there are things that can be done. The first thing to do is look into finding the right Kitchener pickup truck dealer. Searching for a deal through classifieds might have its appeal, but there are a lot of advantages in going through a dealership that [...]
Intrigued at the idea of a second-hand vehicle and want to ascertain our personal recommendations for varying price range? We have you covered. Here’s a broad list of a few types of vehicles in stock which are an excellent option for their respective price range and your budget. Compacts Small yet practical, pragmatism is a compact’s forte. Undoubtedly, it’s a very saturated segment with tons of respectable offerings from different manufacturers, but the recipe often remains the same. $15,000 – $20,000 For less than 15 grand, you can still find a somewhat recent model, albeit with a higher mileage on the clock. Two models are popular here, namely the Chevrolet Cruze and Ford Focus. Both are quite different, with the Cruze being praised for its sharp look, good kit and comfortable handling. The Focus is mostly available in hatchback form, and its esteemed record needs little explanation, with its spacious cabin, quality fit and finish [...]
There are many questions when it comes to the process of buying a car; the simplest one is probably the most important: Should you buy a brand new model or used? To help you choose, we’ve laid out the advantages of both below. Keep in mind that the pros in the used column are big ones and in many cases can be more to your advantage. 1. Price Comparing apples to apples, a used car is going to be less expensive. The relative advantage of the used car price can also allow a buyer to step up to a nicer model. Almost everybody who buys a car has a budget, which unfortunately gives you access to only a few new cars, however for the same money you get much better used cars in the market. Sure it’s not a 2019 model but it probably was the best in class when it came into production, [...]
The time has come, a car purchase is right on the horizon. Maybe someone just got a driver’s license, or you’re looking for an upgrade or even just looking to change things up. The good thing is, regardless of your budget, you can definitely find just the right used car in Kitchener Waterloo for your needs. Split up into four different price range, there should be a solid option for everyone here.   Below $15,000 Ford Focus For under $15k, it’s difficult to find a more versatile choice than a pre-owned Ford Focus. You can commonly find good early third-generation examples starting as low as $9,000, and later top range ‘Titanium’ trim models starting in at $11,000. The Focus is truly the manifestation of the phrase ‘jack of all trades’, what you’ll find very likable is its handling aptitude, refined ride quality, quality fit and finish with plenty of new tech and a practical interior. [...]
Purchasing a used car is an especially daunting task compared to new cars even for educated Kitchener-Waterloo consumers, much less to say for newcomers in Ontario. Bearing in mind that buying used cars actually broadens to a larger breadth rapidly, and becomes quite a frustration for the less well educated in the art of used car purchases. Therefore, it would be quite an upper hand to understand some tips before delving into your first car purchase. 1. Budget Firstly, perhaps the most crucial thing of all, ensure that you establish a firm monthly budget and adhere to it strictly. Some unscrupulous dealerships do indeed prey on the ignorance of the less informed customers, and these customers at times may overextend their budget too much. Take note that buying a car isn’t just about how much money you’re spending on the car, you have to think about the maintenance, fuel consumption, tax, depreciation, interest rate, urgent [...]

Want to trade in a car that is not paid off yet?

Trade in a car you still owe on?
Financing a vehicle is the most approachable method of owning a new car right now. Albeit technically speaking, you don’t own the car until you’ve paid it off entirely. But you do have some flexibility regarding how you handle the car loan. With that said, it’s common for some folks to want to trade-in their financed car after a few years with a standing debt. In fact, if your car has been problematic to own, or your needs have changed, or even if you just want something better, and you have breathing room financially, trading-in for newer car can prove to be a prudent move. There are a few things you should understand before you attempt to trade-in a financed vehicle though, having some prior knowledge can help you make the right decision for your status quo. How does it work? Your debt doesn’t just vanish when you attempt to trade-in with an auto loan [...]
If you’re a first-time driver in Canada or a newcomer, and you’re looking for a car as a means of transportation, it can be a daunting ordeal. People assume that the automotive landscape is similar to the States, and while that is true to a certain extent, Canada possesses a rather unique, distinguished market itself. However, a car is nevertheless imperative to travel around Canada. An affordable, reliable car first car will serve you well down the line, and here’s a list of cars that fit the criteria and also shifts quickly on our lot. 1. Ford Focus A classic household favorite, the Ford Focus is an icon. It’s hard to go wrong with one regardless of which part of Ontario you’re living in. It abides by the quintessential aspects for a compact that appeals to the masses while incorporating Ford’s own vast know-how in car-making to produce consistently praiseworthy results. Certainly, there have been [...]

Say, you live in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region and want a practical and sensible mid-sized crossover SUV; but you don’t want something too commonplace. Something that looks smart, and domestic but without an excessively giant and fuel devouring engine. We have an answer for you, and that comes in the form of a Dodge, specifically, the Dodge Journey.

While you may diss the Journey since its initial inception due to its poor receptions. It was marred by countless flaws that really spoiled the car, and some just deemed it too unimportant and forgot about it. However, with its 2011 model year facelift, Dodge actually turned the Journey into a very capable mid-sized crossover SUV in Canada, and an underappreciated one at that.


Why should you consider a used Dodge Journey?

1. Looks

The looks are tastefully simple and modern, but the front of the car retains an overall more brutish aesthetics, quite American. There are [...]

The Ford Fusion is one of the best performing mid-sized 4-door sedans in terms of sales figure nowadays. For good reason too, because a used Ford Fusion represents itself as an excellent value proposition, offering a genuinely upmarket experience at a palatable price point for most intrigued buyers. And as it’s beginning to mature in its current generation, you can find deals on used latest-generation Fusions. The Ford Fusion is in its second-iteration starting from the 2013 model year. You’ll generally want to stick with 2014 models with the SE trim and above. 2014 used Ford Fusion SEs can be found for around $15,500, but pre-owned 2017 Ford Fusions received a handy facelift, with SE models priced at around $20,000. Earlier models actually received recalls that you should ensure have been carried out accordingly. Most will find themselves gravitating towards the Ford Fusion for its exterior aesthetics. It’s suave, muscular, sleek and very executive, so [...]

As of late, the whole Ontario market for crossovers has really blown up. That said, the style of a sedan can still be incredibly alluring to those who prefer something with a trunk instead. And if you want something affordable, good-looking, reliable and solid, but not too common like a Camry or an Accord, what about the fifth generation used Nissan Altima? Before you let out an audible sigh, a pre-owned Nissan Altima is actually a pretty well-regarded vehicle. It was particularly noted for offering a sensible mid-sized sedan that offers four doors practicality and comfort with the sportiness that many yearn for. With the prices of even mildly used Altimas going down, it seems like a very good time to capitalize on that.We think that the Nissan Altima went just far enough with its styling. It’s not too over-designed, like multiple recent cars coming out of Japan lately, but still features that dash of [...]