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Are you in Kitchener-Waterloo looking for a premium used 7-seater SUV? Before you peruse some of the pricey options from high-end manufacturers out there, let us tell you some facts about the fourth-generation Nissan Pathfinder. It has been a favorite for many out there, and with prices on newer models dropping, it may be judicious to give these a look before you commit your wallet. 2013 used Pathfinder models on wards are fourth-generation models which has remained largely identical throughout, bar a pretty extensive face-lift in 2017. You can expect a used 2016 Nissan Pathfinder SV 4WD model to sell at $25,000, a 2017 SV 4WD model for $29,000, and a barely used 2018 SV 4WD model at around $33,000. Regardless, the Nissan Pathfinder sports a muscular and assertive but understated aesthetic. Bold lines further accentuate its rugged appearance despite its relatively modest ground clearance. 2017 models freshen it up with standard daytime running LEDs, [...]

Looking for a compact sedan in Kitchener-Waterloo? There are certainly a whole host of options out there, but for Garston Motors, one model, in particular, has been a quick mover. Cue the Nissan Sentra, undoubtedly a name familiar with many, as the Sentra moniker has been in the lineup for decades by now. However, we reckon that it’s not talked about quite enough, and often gets overshadowed by models from other Japanese manufacturers.

Right now, with the 7th generation Sentra starting to mature and dropping in price, it’s also the optimum time to go for one as Nissan likes to stick with a generation for a long time. In fact, around $15,000 will get you a tidy 2016 post-face-lift example in its mid-range SV trim. But if you want a more premium experience, looking at a previous face-lift SL trim isn’t a bad way to go about it as the 2016 face-lift was mostly about [...]

Are you in a hurry to get car finance? Perhaps you had given up on securing a loan for a vehicle at all, let alone in such a short amount of time. If you are looking for a fast car loan approval, look no further. Here at Garston Motors, we specialize in speedily used car sales with great financing options available to all, no matter what your borrowing history or credit score. You could be driving away in a great quality used car within 24 hours.

The Quickest Car Loan Approvals in Canada


It is secure and easy

Our application process is so quick and easy that doesn’t even require you to leave your home. You can apply online with our simple ca loan application, and one of our qualified finance managers will get back to you the very same day. Once your pre-approved car loan is ready and you have sorted all the [...]

So you’re looking for a used truck, and you’re not sure where to start? While buying a used truck is a smart decision often an old truck can do the same job as a brand new one can do for much less money. Either you submit to the process of driving all over Kitchener looking at pick-up trucks that have been put up in the classifieds, or you decide to go through a pick-up truck dealer and contend with all you can find there.


When looking for a used truck is there any solution that makes the entire process easy?


Well, there will always be some work involved, but there are things that can be done. The first thing to do is look into finding the right Kitchener pickup truck dealer. Searching for a deal through classifieds might have its appeal, but there are a lot of advantages in going through a dealership [...]

Getting a used car auto loan is as convenient as ever – especially when you choose a dealer who follows all the regulations. You can get a used car loan with 3 headache-free steps.

1. Choose your favorite pre-owned vehicle from the inventory 2. Fill our secure credit application form 3. Get a quote and a used car approval loan at a preferable rates 

And voila!

You want affordable loan payments of course– and that is a realistic expectation as in-house financing used car dealers connects you to lenders at a very good rates forwarding the savings down to you. This is the nature of the business – as competition tightens, many used car dealerships are willing to offer you zero down payment with decent interest rates – even with bad credit. Yes, you read it right – bad credit is not an issue anymore. However, there are other things to consider – like the condition, quality and the honesty of [...]

There are many questions when it comes to the process of buying a car; the simplest one is probably the most important: Should you buy a brand new model or used? To help you choose, we’ve laid out the advantages of both below. Keep in mind that the pros in the used column are big ones and in many cases can be more to your advantage.

1. Price

Comparing apples to apples, a used car is going to be less expensive. The relative advantage of the used car price can also allow a buyer to step up to a nicer model. Almost everybody who buys a car has a budget, which unfortunately gives you access to only a few new cars, however for the same money you get much better used cars in the market. Sure it’s not a 2017 model but it probably was the best in class when it came into production, so [...]