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For Kitchener-Waterloo car buyers, new cars aren’t always the way to go. In fact, for the common folks, in most cases, it’d be better off for them to look at the used market instead. Some of the advantages of purchasing new are obvious and needs little reiteration. However, before delving into the car market, you might want to know why you should avoid going new.

1. Higher Upfront Cost – Comparison

Obviously, the biggest con there is to buying new is that you’d be buying something new. New cars almost always cost more than their used counterparts, other than in some extremely specific cases. In fact, for models that aren’t receiving a major update anytime soon, you’d be better off just looking for 1 to 2 years used models and end up with a better trim package than you’d muster from a new model.

Eminently, the argument that can be made here is the fact [...]

RESEARCH: First step to buy a pre-owned car in Ontario

How to properly buy a pre owned vehicle?

Researching a car before the even taking a look at in person is an important part of any car purchase, and it’s especially more so when we’re talking about used cars. When you’re actually talking about a car that you intend to own, it’s not all about reviews, ownership plays a major part too. Thus, there are some tips that you should acknowledge to help you better utilize your time researching any used car models.

1. Understand Your Car Needs

First, you should know what car do you actually need. Think about this holistically, and it’s also prudent to prepare for the future. How many passengers do you need to seat? Is it a car for grocery runs? Is it supposed to be a working vehicle? Do you want a toy for the weekend? These are all questions you should ponder on before looking for cars. For example, If you’re planning to start a family, [...]

How a car loan can improve your credit score?

Is a car loan a good way to build credit?

Financing options are quite wonderful indeed, with the advent of credit loaning, it has enabled people to be able to afford something they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. However, it’s doesn’t take much to garner a bad reputation among loaners, i.e. have a bad credit score, just because of an unforeseen circumstance such as a shock medical bill. And it’s much trickier to recover from a troubled credit score. Still, there are ways to claw back your credibility, and here are some practical methods used when you finance a vehicle.

Understanding your credit report

Of course, before you can actually improve your credit score with a car loan, you need to know what’s your credit standing. The three digit score is all you need. While you can opt for the traditional method of mailing which requires some patience, with a small fee you can receive an online report immediately. Refer to the online portals of [...]

How does trading in a car at a dealership work?

How to Trade In a Car - Do's and Don'ts

Buying a car in Ontario, new or used, is no doubt an engrossing prospect. For some, it may be a need, but for some others, it may just be that they’re intrigued at upgrading. It’s increasingly trickier to end up with a car that’s objectively horrid, thus folks with older cars may be interested to migrate to a newer, safer, but still affordable used car. However, keeping an old car around is a financial hindrance, yet getting rid of one is at times a tedious ordeal. Other than selling it yourself, there’s another viable option to consider – trade-in.

Trading-in your used car is something that on the surface, especially for those that are keener with how they spend money, is a bad value. Undoubtedly, when you bring your vehicle into a used dealership to ask for an evaluation, you will be disappointed. They will quote you for a lower amount than you what you’ve [...]

Getting Approved for a Car Loan in Canada

What's the best way to finance a car in Canada?

Buying cars is a daunting task when you’re a newcomer, but folks living or intending to live in Ontario are fortunate with car dealerships like Garston Motors, whose dealers have taken it upon themselves to ease the process as much as possible. With a large pre-owned vehicles inventory, quality pre and post-sales services, a large, reputable lenders network and an intuitive website, the populace of Ontario, even those with troubling credit scores, have a dependable car dealership to shop from. Specifically, Garston Motors mainly operates in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge on their car purchases.

Founded in 1999, Garston Motors is a humble family-run car dealership located in Cambridge, Ontario. Being an enduring car dealership, they understand that the procedure of a car purchase is intimidating to those without prior experience. Furthermore, they also recognize that for those in a tight spot or owns a bad credit score, it can be frustrating to even apply for [...]

A car purchase is one of the biggest financial decisions you can commit to, thus it is imperative that the understandably sometimes tedious process goes as smooth and as trouble-free as possible. A pivotal aspect that can often be overlooked by car buyers is the reputation of the car dealership that you’re working with. After all, they’re going to be the ones that hand over the keys to your dream ride, and in a market where it’s entirely possible, and common, for the consumer to lack knowledge regarding the subject, unscrupulous dealers can easily exploit the uneducated.

While it used to be quite tricky to sort out a dealer’s reputation, considering that transparency and honesty are quite far down the list for most dealers back then. Today that has changed with so many online resources for searching the best used car dealership nearby and online car dealership reviews. Now, as long as you spend the [...]

Are you interested in loaning a car in Kitchener-Waterloo? The feeling of parking a new car on your driveway is supposed to be an enjoyable one. That said, whether if it’s new or used, there are some key rules that you should adhere to so that you can avoid regretting your decisions down the line.

1. Choose a Ride That Suits Your Need and Ability

One of the common mistakes often made by eager Ontario buyers is failing to accurately apprehend their financial ability. It’s tempting to go for that premium, luxury model that you have longed for, and when you realize that you can actually purchase one, that notion alone can be blinding. It’s important to recognize that being able to purchase something doesn’t mean you can afford it.

While it may be hard to come to terms to accept that you simply lack the capability to pay for something, it’s important to not [...]

If you’re looking for a robust used car with a budget of $20,000 but has yet to define any particular wants or perks you’re looking for, this article should help to get your mind rolling a bit.

1. Chevrolet Cruze

Nowadays, you can easily find a late first-generation 2016 Chevrolet Cruze LT going for around $15,000. This year of first-generation Cruze is actually known as the Cruze Limited. While it may date all the way back to 2011, there are redeeming features to be found here: availability and affordability.

The LT trim is the mid-range offering, motivated by a 1.4-litre turbocharged inline-4 putting out 138 hp and 148 lb-ft of torque. While a 6-speed manual was standard, the optional 6-speed automatic will be more prevalent on the market. This powertrain is modest but offers adequate performance paired with solid fuel economy.

You would at least want an LT trim model though, otherwise, it may feel [...]

The appeal of a certified used SUV is understandable. They offer great practicality with a near go-anywhere ability. Fortunately, for those interested, there is quite a selection of quality pre-owned SUVs to peruse from on the market each with their own strengths available at a reasonable price point.

Nissan Rogue

One of the best-selling SUV on our lot is the second-generation Nissan Rogue. Prices for a base trim higher mileage 2015 model starts from around $14,000, while a mid-range lightly worn SV 2017 model will be asking for around $27,000.

You’ll get a similar experience regardless of which end of the spectrum you opt for, but the 2017 model received a minor facelift with restyled lights, front grille, and standard LED daytime running lights. Every model got a 2.5-litre naturally-aspirated inline-4 paired with a CVT, which provides adequate, if unimpressive, acceleration for daily use. It manages a rated combined fuel economy of 8.6 l/100km.

What [...]

Buying a used car? Then it’d certainly be in your best interest to learn more about Ontario used car warranties. Of course, we’re all familiar with new car warranty provided by the manufacturer and dealer, and after the initial warranty period, the value and demand for the car plummet drastically.

As a used car purveyor, we certainly understand that it’s a lot harder to sell a car with no assurance to the cautious folks. Therefore, we try to offer comprehensive after-sales coverage for the inventory that we’ve curated. It’s important to acknowledge just how important a proper used car warranty is if it’s not overt already.

Eminently, there is a risk with any vehicle: new or used, and that is the fact that some items may already have been worn through and on the verge of failing. If you’re sticking with dependable brands, you may be able to get away with it, but it’s simply [...]