Contactless Car Sales

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Yes! Lebada Motors understands how important it is to keep our clients safe and is offering contactless or limited contact options to purchase a vehicle. We are also able to offer offsite delivery to limit your travel to and from our location.

We are able to offer two different signing options during COVID – electronically and distanced in person. Both options and easy and quick, ensuring that all documents are fully explained and all of your questions are answered before you sign anything. (NOTE: Additional documentation may be requested to confirm your identity when signing remotely).

Whether over the phone or in person, our staff of automotive experts can ask the key questions to help determine the right style of vehicle for you. After determining your preferences, we are happy to provide you access to any vehicle of your choice! To limit your contact, we can also offer detailed photos, video demos and digital copies of all vehicle condition and history reports sent directly to your email.

Our photos and videos are thoroughly detailed to include any minor imperfections that you would see on a typical used vehicle. Our extensive reconditioning process (including like new brakes and tires double the ministry standard) ensure that your safety is guaranteed. We also offer warranty options to protect you after purchase should an unexpected issue occur.

Upon arriving with your new vehicle, you will be asked to road test the vehicle and sign a document accepting the vehicle in the condition it arrives in. If an issue arises, our vehicle guarantee will ensure we rectify the situation and provide the vehicle in the condition agreed upon.

Lebada Motors has may different options available to protect you. Whether it be an unexpected repair or a job loss, we have the support you need to help you through these uncertain times.

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