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How to get a Car Loan Approval in One Day

Are you in a hurry to get car finance? Perhaps you had given up on securing a loan for a vehicle at all, let alone in such a short amount of time. If you are looking for a fast car loan approval, look no further. Here at Garston Motors, we specialize in speedily used car sales with great financing options available to all, no matter what your borrowing history or credit score. You could be driving away in a great quality used car within 24 hours.

The Quickest Car Loan Approvals in Canada


It is secure and easy

Our application process is so quick and easy that doesn’t even require you to leave your home. You can apply online with our simple ca loan application, and one of our qualified finance managers will get back to you the very same day. Once your pre-approved car loan is ready and you have sorted all the details of your payment plan with one of our advisors you will be good to go. All this can happen in a single day, so if you need your car loan approval sorted fast, we have got your covered.

Quality Cars with Low Payment Plans

We take all the risk out of purchasing a used car. We only stock quality vehicles that are fully certified and safety inspected, so no matter which car you choose from our wide selection, you know you will investing in something safe and secure. Not only are our vehicles top quality, but our financing options are fantastic too. With zero down payment options and the lowest monthly rates around, even if you don’t have cash at your disposal, you can still secure an auto loan approval.


Approved Car Loans to Rebuild your Credit in Canada


At Garston Motors we specialize in helping people in all sorts of financial situations get the vehicle they need. A car approval with bad credit is possible. Even if you don’t have the cash on hand, we can create a payment plan that suits you. Not only that, but we love helping people rebuild their poor credit scores to make borrowing money easier in the future.

Getting approved on your car loan in just one day can be a reality with Garston Motors. If you are looking for a great quality, affordable used car in the Ontario area, give us a call or apply online today. We look forward to helping you. Get approved for a car loan today!