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Getting Approved for a Car Loan in Canada

What's the best way to finance a car in Canada?

Buying cars is a daunting task when you’re a newcomer, but folks living or intending to live in Ontario are fortunate with car dealerships like Garston Motors, whose dealers have taken it upon themselves to ease the process as much as possible. With a large pre-owned vehicles inventory, quality pre and post-sales services, a large, reputable lenders network and an intuitive website, the populace of Ontario, even those with troubling credit scores, have a dependable car dealership to shop from. Specifically, Garston Motors mainly operates in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge on their car purchases.

Founded in 1999, Garston Motors is a humble family-run car dealership located in Cambridge, Ontario. Being an enduring car dealership, they understand that the procedure of a car purchase is intimidating to those without prior experience. Furthermore, they also recognize that for those in a tight spot or owns a bad credit score, it can be frustrating to even apply for a loan for car purchases in the first place. Hence, Garston Motors ensure to lend a hand anywhere applicable to provide aid to those who need it, expediting and simplifying the ordeal so anyone can acquire a ride that suits their needs.

How do I get qualify for a car loan?

What is better getting a auto loan with a bank or a dealer? Well, what if they work together!. The big appeal, and what Garston Motors itself prides in, is the fact that we partner with some of Canada’s largest reputable car loan lenders i.e. Auto Capital and Carfinco and work only with well-regarded Canadian banks such as CIBC and National Bank. This broadens the customer’s loaning prospects to leverage the best rates. This is particularly advantageous for those car buyers with bad credit scores, as it provides a fair opportunity to improve your credit outlook – something that Garston Motors also intend to do.

Of course, while car dealerships often emit a stolid atmosphere, Garston Motors favors more towards fostering and nurturing a family oriented atmosphere. Newcomers and first-time buyers needn’t feel sheepish and apprehensive approaching the dealership for an inquiry, as they ensure that while professionalism is maintained the warm ambiance isn’t lost. They also have their own in-house financial specialists with years of experience within relevant fields that customers can refer to for advice on budgeting, so buyers won’t overestimate their own financial capabilities.

We offer quality used cars, with certification, transparency and plenty of buyer’s protection. From modest hatchbacks to lofty SUVs that buyers can take their time to peruse through so they know what they truly need in a car. Garston Motors also offer customized used-car warranties, debt protection, theft insurance, etc as an extra peace of mind.

Whether if you’re a first-time buyer or a knowledgeable, well-informed customer that knows the ins-and-outs of car purchases, you’ll appreciate the straightforward online interface that Garston Motors hosts. We’ve indexed their entire inventory on the website, with tons of photos and details on every car they have on sale. Potential prospects can perform their research beforehand so they have a better grasp on what they need before physically going down to the dealership to browse.

If you’re around the Ontario area and are looking for a new ride, be sure to give Garston Motors a look.