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How to buy a vehicle from home

A new reality

Due to the occurring global COVID-19 pandemic, many small business have been forced to adapt to this new reality. Fortunately, Lebada Motors has put together a comprehensive plan for car purchases to be made from the comfort of your own home.

While it may sound surprising, online car purchases are not uncommon. A few companies in the US operate and sell vehicles exclusively online. Following this path and to adjust to the current social distancing guidelines, we have made the entire process accessible online, from e-signing documents, to request CARFAX reports, to virtual tours and even doorstep delivery.

Guidelines for due diligence

Before looking to buy a car from home, you should perform everything as you would a conventional car purchase prior. Understand your own needs, do a research and set a monthly budget to stick to. Everything you need is readily available on the internet. You should familiarize yourself with all the options available and get approved.

Feel free to ask questions

Afterwards, if you have any question, you can always ask for a virtual tour, use our chat service or simply call us or send us an email. You can also set a live video chat with a finance manager who can answer your all your questions. They can also show you the ins and outs of the car you have shown interest in. This will also allow you to e-sign documents and arrange vehicle deliveries.

If you are down to make a deal, you can put forward your application for financing. A financing specialist will contact you to discuss all the options.

We accept trades

If you intend to trade in, read more about our car appraisal process and don’t be afraid to ask questions on how we can help you to put your current car as a down payment towards your new ride.

Technology has enabled us to conduct the entire sales process online, so you can rest assure that you would be buying a quality pre-owned vehicle with all the support from a team that has been around for more than 20 years.