Over 200 Used Cars for Sale in Kitchener- Waterloo Region

One of the largest pre-owned dealership in Kitchener Waterloo

Auto Financing Available

All credit scores welcomed

One of the largest pre-owned dealership in Kitchener Waterloo

Auto Financing Available

All credit scores welcomed

Over 200 certified vehicles in stock 

Used Cars for Sale



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Are you in the market for a certified used car in Kitchener-Waterloo?

It becomes expensive to afford a vehicle of one’s choice as you may not possess enough cash in your account to finance your dream car. In Kitchener Waterloo, used cars are readily available with auto financing companies at affordable prices and people can own them with ease. Lebada Motors is one such dealership which helps its clients in Kitchener Waterloo to finance your next used car as we manage to provide the vehicles according to the requirements of our clients.

Over 6,000 used cars sold in KW Region

At Lebada Motors, we strive to maintain our standard by providing quality used cars to our Kitchener-Waterloo customers. Buying a car is increasingly becoming a fashion as customers can drive their dream vehicle without spending the extra cash in a brand new one.

Why you should buy a certified used car in Kitchener-Waterloo?

Best Prices in Waterloo

While purchasing a used car a person gets the benefit of comparing its prices with different dealers. It is not easy to get a low-interest car loan with bad credit, however our dealer serving KW provides extremely competitive prices in helping you to own your own dream car or a pre-owned truck.

A Fair Deal

If you are opting for a good deal, used vehicles give you the best possible value. Kitchener residents can afford the vehicle by paying a minimal rate of interest without a massive amount of depreciation. It is a fair deal because one can possess their dream car at the lower price.

Get a Quality Used Vehicle

Our used car Kitchener Waterloo dealership offers over 200 vehicles and financing options to matches their requirements.

#1 Dealer to Buy Used Cars in Kitchener Waterloo

We provide our customers with a wide range of used cars to choose from. These cars have become very affordable options for Waterloo residents because they can get great financing options directly from Lebada Motors. Our company also has a team of working professionals who are experts in the auto financing market and are dealing with many models of vehicles like Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford, Dodge etc.

Lastly, it can be said that if you grab the opportunity to buy a used car in Kitchener Waterloo you are definitely working a great deal.