Why Car Leasing Makes Sense

Car Leasing in Kitchener-Waterloo

You need to buy a pre-owned car, but the payments are too high, or you don’t have a deposit?

You are maybe worried about a bad credit history, or high monthly payments?

Car Leasing companies and banks are saying no to you?

Here at Garston Motors we can deal with these problems for you. Don’t put yourself through the ordeal of being embarrassed by another car leasing refusal. Use car leasing lets you choose a payment level that suits you, and your budget, and pay over our generous longer terms, giving you the maximum opportunity to rebuild your credit rating at the same time.

We offer a means for all credit types to find a payment, and vehicle that fits your budget. Your bad credit, or lack of deposit, doesn’t mean you will be turned down. Added to this, we will do our utmost to find the lowest used car leasing interest rate possible, that fits your current credit score, and we can extend your payments over a longer term, to give you the lowest repayments possible for you.

We can extend payment terms up to 84 months depending on some factors. Not only can this make a used car lease payments more affordable for you compared to buying, we can make adjustments to also make it possible if you can’t put money down.

Sound good? Used car leasing is our specialty – supplying the vehicle that suits you, whether your credit is good or bad. Our premium quality used cars are certified, and safety inspected. We stand by the quality of our cars, and the bonus for you is that you are not paying for the added costs hidden in new car prices, such as add-ons, and taxes.

But this is not all. We also offer credit re-building services, international students car leasing programs and car leasing for businesses. We obtain your finance only through reputable, established lenders, who then report to credit bureau. What this means for you is that, while you are paying off this loan, you are also rebuilding your credit rating. Lenders of all kinds of finance will look to the credit bureau to check your rating.

Our used car lease plans are affordable to you, so the likelihood of your having trouble paying your car lease is low. Once the car lease is paid off, your credit rating could go up. Credit for other purposes will no longer be out of your reach. What you pay extra in interest over a longer term is more than made up for by the benefits this will give you for the future.