Car Leasing for International Students

As an international student, you will most likely need a car to get around the country. You don’t want to just see one place, or be limited to public transport if there are reasonable options.

Renting or leasing a car can be problematic for you as a foreigner, however, and there are limited numbers of dealers in Ontario who see any value in renting or leasing to international students, especially if you are under 25. Some major car rental companies will charge you double, or simply not rent to you at all! Even if you also have a stable job, your credit score just might not be high enough in Canada.

But thankfully, not all car dealers feel that way. A most notable exception is our dealership.

An International Student Car Leasing Plan that Works

Garston Motors has introduced an International Student Car Leasing Program, which offers cars to foreign students, with a fee for insurance, and maintenance. The requirements to qualify to the international student car lease are;

  • Copy of current and valid Student Visa with the requested term not to extend past the expiry date of the visa
  • Copy of current and valid Passport
  • Proof of current enrollment and student tuitions paid for current semester
  • Copies of 6 months of bank statements confirming regular deposits, to prove affordability while keeping DSR in line and satisfactory dealings with bank.
  • Copy of current Ontario Driver’s License or current translated International Driver’s License
  • Parent’s Contact information – addresses and phone numbers

Once you have qualified, you can then choose a vehicle from our used car inventory, pay a one-time fee, which varies from model to model, which includes all models and trim levels, and you will have a car for the duration of your study, between one and four years.

The lease contract, as per the standard, has a driving limit, in this case, 15,000 miles per year, or variations can be made for 10,000 or 30,000. Maintenance and insurance are included in the fee you pay, but you may have to pay extra for any damage over the life of the lease, or excessive mileage when you return the vehicle.

This car lease program is of great value to international students and their families, as we’re sure you will agree, particularly if you are a foreign student who has struggled to find a vehicle option. Garston is not only offering up a great option for the student’s benefit, but we are taking the opportunity to build brand loyalty with young people like you who will be leasing and buying cars in the future.

Ask us any question you might have about our student lease options that might suit you.