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Why lease your small truck fleet?

If you have a business in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region and relies on trucks for on-time delivery, to keep you on schedule, and your customers’ needs satisfied, leasing means you have the benefits of well-maintained trucks, guaranteeing you will always have reliable vehicles, giving you maximum uptime.

With your leased small truck fleet, your maintenance contract will ensure your fleet is maintained to the highest standards, and will reap you the benefits of extended vehicle life, better fuel economy, and access to a dedicated professional service team.

You will also have better cost control, without the huge capital investment needed in new trucks, or high loan payments. Commercial truck lease payments are generally lower than the loan payments that would be required to finance a truck over the same term, since with a lease you are only paying for the depreciation cost of the truck over the lease term, rather than the whole cost of the truck. In this way, truck leasing generally allows you to improve your monthly cash flow; you have better forecasting of your fixed and variable costs; and also lower operating expenses over the life of the vehicles.

Finding the best trucks lease for your needs can be made a lot easier by your access to our truck fleet specialists team at Garston Motors. We will talk to you about payload, travel time, terrain, driver comfort, and more. We have the latest manufacturer information, and the buying power, to ensure you get what you need, when you need it.

Your truck fleet is instantly flexible, once you have leasing agreements through our dealership. Whether you have gained a lot of new customers, or had other unexpected growth, or maybe you always need to expand for your busy season, you can easily extend your truck fleet to meet these needs. You have options to set up your rates, and trucks, for possible expansion in advance, so guaranteeing you will have access to the additional trucks, as and when you need them.

You may also be able to save even more on monthly payments, by leasing used truck. For instance, here is a classic example on truck lease:
Net amount financed: $45,000.00.

Truck Lease Term: 48 months.
Residual value of the truck: $20,595.00.
Monthly payment before tax: $687.99.
Base rate: 4.95%.

Plus well-established companies can expect to get open end lease options.

Commercial credit applications should be submitted, in a company name only. Applications could need a personal guarantee, unless they are submitted with 2 years’ full accountant-prepared financial statements, with notes. On approval of credit, a copy of the company’s Articles of Incorporation, confirming signatories, will be required.

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