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Why is important to negotiate an extended car warranty

Buying a used car? Then it’d certainly be in your best interest to learn more about Ontario used car warranties. Of course, we’re all familiar with new car warranty provided by the manufacturer and dealer, and after the initial warranty period, the value and demand for the car plummet drastically.

As a used car purveyor, we certainly understand that it’s a lot harder to sell a car with no assurance to the cautious folks. Therefore, we try to offer comprehensive after-sales coverage for the inventory that we’ve curated. It’s important to acknowledge just how important a proper used car warranty is if it’s not overt already.

Eminently, there is a risk with any vehicle: new or used, and that is the fact that some items may already have been worn through and on the verge of failing. If you’re sticking with dependable brands, you may be able to get away with it, but it’s simply not a risk worth taking. The whole appeal of why car warranty is needed is the fact you can face a big repair bill and left out of pocket immediately after purchase if you’re out of luck, which a comprehensive warranty package can avert.

Definitely, it can just be something minor that needs changing. However, if by chance that you end up with a major drivetrain failure that is easily a few thousand dollars worth of work, and a few days up to weeks or months without a car. It’s frustrating especially if you’ve just took your savings to buy your new ride, and now the workshop wants another few to sort your it out.

Are car warranties worth the money?

While some argue that stashing away some percent of your income per month on car repairs is a good way to save yourself just to avoid this kind of situation. For people already struggling with making ends meet though, or not thinking about keeping the car long term, it’s still a better idea to set aside a sizable amount to negotiate a used car warranty and include it into the purchasing budget. If nothing else, it’s a peace of mind to know that even if your transmission fails tomorrow you won’t be faced with the financial stress of an unexpected circumstance.

Is it a good idea to buy extended car warranty?

By no means is purchasing used car warranty a way to safeguard you against everything. All the things we’ve said about buying a used car still applies, but a used car warranty is to further protect you from what no amount of test drive or scrutinizing will anticipate. Furthermore, there are also the convenience that buying a used car warranty program can provide. The first thing is roadside breakdown assistance, where a 24-hour emergency hotline is available on cue should your car leave you stranded. They’ll sort you out with a solution to your issue and save you headaches. They’ll also be the one dealing with the workshop personnel, not you.

The best used car warranty an Ontario dealership provides also relates to the trustworthiness of that used car dealer. If it’s a complete, detailed and transparent coverage it tells you that the dealer is confident with the used cars they trade with. Garston Motors, for instance, offers customers two options, NationWide Auto Warranty and WALKAWAY Canada to buy. We also explain what is and what isn’t covered plainly, so customers don’t get confused or even feel tricked with what they end up with. These two companies are long-time partners of Garston Motors, and we reckon that they’re the best out there. If you’re intrigued and want to learn more about a used car warranty program, or is just looking for a used car, do get in touch with us.