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Purchasing a used car is an especially daunting task compared to new cars even for educated Kitchener-Waterloo consumers, much less to say for newcomers in Ontario. Bearing in mind that buying used cars actually broadens to a larger breadth rapidly, and becomes quite a frustration for the less well educated in the art of used car purchases. Therefore, it would be quite an upper hand to understand some tips before delving into your first car purchase. 1. Budget Firstly, perhaps the most crucial thing of all, ensure that you establish a firm monthly budget and adhere to it strictly. Some unscrupulous dealerships do indeed prey on the ignorance of the less informed customers, and these customers at times may overextend their budget too much. Take note that buying a car isn’t just about how much money you’re spending on the car, you have to think about the maintenance, fuel consumption, tax, depreciation, interest rate, urgent [...]