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Used Cars for First timers or Newcomers

If you’re a first-time driver in Canada or a newcomer, and you’re looking for a car as a means of transportation, it can be a daunting ordeal. People assume that the automotive landscape is similar to the States, and while that is true to a certain extent, Canada possesses a rather unique, distinguished market itself.
However, a car is nevertheless imperative to travel around Canada. An affordable, reliable car first car will serve you well down the line, and here’s a list of cars that fit the criteria and also shifts quickly on our lot.
1. Ford Focus
A classic household favorite, the Ford Focus is an icon. It’s hard to go wrong with one regardless of which part of Ontario you’re living in. It abides by the quintessential aspects for a compact that appeals to the masses while incorporating Ford’s own vast know-how in car-making to produce consistently praiseworthy results.
Certainly, there have been multiple revisions and iterations of the Focus over the years, but for someone keen for a reasonably affordable daily driver, the third generation Ford Focus definitely entices. There are two main segregations for the third-gen Ford Focus, pre-facelift and post facelift. The former can be found for around $9,000, while the latter will tread closer to the $13,000 to $14,000 mark.
Nonetheless, what you can expect from either model is a lineup of robust engine options, comfortable ride with a bit of infused vigor, well-built and capacious cabin and respectable refinement. The facelifted model boasts a modernized interior, revised drivetrain and chassis, and a sleek, gallant exterior rehash. Worth the extra money if you can afford it.
2. Chevrolet Cruze
If you’d rather opt for a compact sedan that’s built as such from the ground up, the Chevrolet Cruze is truly archetypal of a neat modern small sedan. With its second-generation released not too long ago, the long-running first-gen models can be had for quite the deal right now.
2012 facelift models can be found for around $10,000, while later second facelifted 2014 models can be located for approximately $13,000 to $15,000, heavily dependent on the trim. Regardless, this price range can net you a 1LT model which is intermediate in terms of the overall package. Barely worn second-generation Cruze can be found for around $18,000 if you have the budget for it.
Despite the sleek, bold fascia that it may don, the Cruze boasts a demeanor that’s startlingly deceiving of its looks. Well-regarded for its emphasis on comfort and practicality, the Cruze is a compact that exercises pragmatism and drivability above all else. Touting a big trunk and well-built interior, it’ll surely impress first-time drivers seeking an approachable daily.
3. Dodge Journey
Intrigued by the notion of a larger car instead? Then the Dodge Journey, a mid-sized crossover SUV might just be your ideal answer. With crossovers rapidly gaining traction, it might prove to be a prudent investment that’ll last you a long time as well.
Again, the Dodge Journey is an enduring, some might even say ageing, chassis by now, with the current generation in the making for over 10 years. However, by not fixing what ain’t broke has kept the costs down, and may stand to prove as a testament to the Journey’s dependability. Earlier 2012 models are found for around $10,000, while newer 2016 models come in at roughly $15,000. It’s all highly dependent on engine and trim.
While you’ll be dealing with limited and now inefficient engines, sticking with the V6 models will imbue adequate vigor that’ll keep up strong with highway traffic. Exceptional ride quality, comfortable cabin and a recognizable exterior are often remarks given to the Dodge Journey. Value for money? The Journey definitely represents that category.
4. Hyundai Elantra
Keen for something that’s chic and stylish at an entry-level price point for first-time buyers? The used Hyundai Elantra is a superb option for newcomers also. Much like the Cruze, it’s a compact sedan at heart, but there’s quite a disparity between how Chevrolet and Hyundai approach the segment.
With even the newer, fifth-generation 2016 models at a lower specification available for under $10,000, it’s easy to see the appeal of the Elantra. Even at its base spec, the Elantra enjoys a markedly extensive feature list, from cruise control to keyless entry as standard.
Propelling the Elantra is a list of respectable inline-4s through a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. These 1.8l Nu engines are introduced along with the initial inception of the fifth-gen Elantra, mustering laudable efficiency figures even today. They provide confident pace-making aptitude, while the car remains comfortable for its class. The interior quality isn’t particularly noteworthy, but the design is certainly unique. For the money though, the Elantra is hard to top.
Above are just a small list from the 200+ vehicles offered in our inventory at Garston Motors. If you’re uncertain about what will suit your needs, feel free to give us a visit where you can see them all in person. Don’t fret even if you’re new to Canada, as we’re definite that we can sort you out with a ride befitting your needs.