Used Cars Warranty

Used Car Warranty for Added Peace of Mind

How does the after sale coverage work? Why should I care?

Ok, let’s say you lost your Job or you got sick, or had an accident, became unemployed or experienced another life-changing event and can no longer pay your car loan or lease on your used vehicle. Don’t worry, certain security products can assist you covering those payments in case something unfortunate happens.

What security does the aftercare warranty give you?

There is nothing like peace of mind and security with after care coverage. Sure, you are expected to keep up on maintaining your vehicle whether you buy it new or pre-owned. This ensures to any aftermarket warranty provider that you have done everything to up keep your vehicle. Keeping records of any maintenance you have done is important in case they ask for them.

Always follow the recommended guidelines for scheduled maintenance as this will help to ensure you don’t have future problems or a mechanical breakdown. This coverage gives you peace of mind and reassurance when the unexpected pops up.

What used car warranty options do you have?

We have customized used car warranties to give you the coverage you deserve. With vehicle technology ever changing, and repairs becoming more of a burden having the right coverage based on your purchase will put your mind at ease. Ask us details about or pre-owned car warranty coverage giving you no time limit or claim limit restrictions today car warranties vary based on vehicle year and kilometers.

What I have to consider when choosing a used car warranty?

  • To what extent is the pre-owned car already under warranty and do you plan to keep the car past this period.
  • How reliable is the vehicle make and model.
  • Is the extended warranty on the use car from the factory, the dealer or a third party provider?
  • There are differences in deductible – you can pay per visit or per repair. Be sure you understand the difference before you buy.
  • Some extended used car warranties are transferable should you decide to sell the car before the end of the warranty.

What is a GAP Protection Plan?

The moment you drive a new vehicle off the car dealer lot, your auto insurance is probably inadequate to protect you financially in the case of a total loss. That’s because your regular auto insurance is designed to pay the lender the vehicle’s current cash value – not the current loan balance. The difference can be thousands of dollars.

Example Theft Protection Plan

When your vehicle is stolen you could be paid $2500 towards the purchase of your replacement. An additional $2500 if you buy at the same dealer as before. When your primary insurance company pays, so do does these GAP companies. The contract term is 60 months.


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