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Used Dodge Journey Review

Say, you live in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region and want a practical and sensible mid-sized crossover SUV; but you don’t want something too commonplace. Something that looks smart, and domestic but without an excessively giant and fuel devouring engine. We have an answer for you, and that comes in the form of a Dodge, specifically, the Dodge Journey.

While you may diss the Journey since its initial inception due to its poor receptions. It was marred by countless flaws that really spoiled the car, and some just deemed it too unimportant and forgot about it. However, with its 2011 model year facelift, Dodge actually turned the Journey into a very capable mid-sized crossover SUV in Canada, and an underappreciated one at that.


Why should you consider a used Dodge Journey?

1. Looks

The looks are tastefully simple and modern, but the front of the car retains an overall more brutish aesthetics, quite American. There are two engine choices available for the 2011-2016 Journey, namely the 2.4-litre Chrysler World inline-4, and the 3.6-litre Chrysler Pentastar V6. The V6 engine is also a perk of the higher trim levels.

2. Power

The general consensus is that the inline-4 is just a tad too underpowered for the Dodge Journey, as it pushes out 173 bhp and 166 lb-ft of torque. The inline-4, mated to the standard 4-speed automatic driving the front wheels just couldn’t remain competitive enough in the world where efficiency is increasingly a concern. For the inline-4, the claimed fuel economy is 22 mpg combined. Its biggest flaw is that the inline-4 feels too strained hauling the Journey, it’s barely adequate when you have cargos and passengers onboard. Move to the V6 though, and you get a lot more punch. Gone is the 4-speed automatic, and in its place, a much more contemporary 6-speed automatic transmission came as standard. It pushes out a solid 283 bhp and 260 lb-ft of torque. If you’re looking for all-wheel drive, the V6 is your only choice as well. With front-wheel drive and the V6, the folks over at Edmunds recorded a 7.5 second century sprint, which was extremely competitive in its class. With the V6, the Journey is an enjoyable drive, with the engine being remarkably smooth and dependable when you need the power. It’s a bit less economical, but a lot more enjoyable.

3. Driveability

In terms of driving dynamics, the pre-owned Dodge Journey is decently competent with an impressively smooth ride and assertive handling. The steering is communicative and accurate, with a hint of lightness within its nicely weighted feel. On the highways, the Journey is muted, however getting up to high speeds you can hear trickles of road noise. Despite so, it remains a respectably comfortable drive.

4. Interior 

Perhaps the most astounding change that the facelift brought about is the fact that the Journey began leading the class in interior design. Everything is clean and suave, with better quality materials all around. There are plenty of storage bins littered around the Journey, and there are integrated child seats for families. There is also a third-row seat available, however, it’s less adult friendly. You’d also want the large touchscreen infotainment system for more versatility. In terms of total storage, you can fold both rows of seats for 67.6 cubic feet of cargo storage, average for its segment.

5. Safety 

Safety shouldn’t be a major concern, as the Journey came standard with antilock brakes, front side airbags, side curtain airbags, driver knee airbag, and traction and stability control. The Journey also received four out of five stars in a government conducted overall crash protection. Overall positive throughout.

Bottom Line

A used Dodge Journey offers a whole lot for potential buyers. It’s everything a family could want in a car, practicality, good looks, lovely interior, smooth, comfortable ride and a reasonable price. If you want something different from the norm, test-drive one of the Dodge Journey for sale we have in-stock at our Cambridge Ontario location. It won’t let you down.