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Used Nissan Sentra Review

Looking for a compact sedan in Kitchener-Waterloo? There are certainly a whole host of options out there, but for Garston Motors, one model, in particular, has been a quick mover. Cue the Nissan Sentra, undoubtedly a name familiar with many, as the Sentra moniker has been in the lineup for decades by now. However, we reckon that it’s not talked about quite enough, and often gets overshadowed by models from other Japanese manufacturers.

Right now, with the 7th generation Sentra starting to mature and dropping in price, it’s also the optimum time to go for one as Nissan likes to stick with a generation for a long time. In fact, around $15,000 will get you a tidy 2016 post-face-lift example in its mid-range SV trim. But if you want a more premium experience, looking at a previous face-lift SL trim isn’t a bad way to go about it as the 2016 face-lift was mostly about aesthetics.

There’s one major reason why most people tend to be attracted towards a pre-owned Nissan Sentra, and it’s eminent when you step into the cabin. There’s a ton of space on offer here, even though it’s a small compact sedan. With generous head and legroom for both front and rear passengers and a cavernous 427-litre boot space, practicality is one of the Sentra’s forte.

While less than stellar interior fit and finish is often the norm for compact sedans, the Sentra is one of the better ones out there with a pleasingly coherent interior design and price-appropriate build quality and material choices. While you’ll be dealing with cloth seats in the lower trims, Nissan tries to spruce it up a bit. It’s definitely comfortable to sit in though, even for extended journeys.

Underneath the bonnet, you’ll find a 1.8-litre naturally aspirated inline-4 that outputs 130 hp and 128 lb-ft of torque. It’s adequate, and when paired with either the 6-speed manual or CVT it’ll provide a smooth and easygoing driving experience. While it doesn’t set a blazing pace, it’ll do just fine getting off the line and keeping up with highway traffic. If you was something quicker or upscale a pre-owned Nissan Altima is the way to go.

Much like the engine, the underpinnings of the Sentra prioritize driving comfort rather than thrill, as it rotates itself around corners with poise, but not much vigor. The steering is frivolous, and the braking effort is minimal, yet consistent. With the 6-speed manual, the clutch is featherweight as well. It’s not particularly inspiring, but it flows through undulations well. Moreover, it’s rated at 29 mpg city and 37 mpg highway, which doesn’t sound that impressive, but people have reported better mileage with the eco-emphasized CVT.

If you are intrigued by the notion of a Sentra, we suggest that you look at an SV trim, which will offer a balance of tech and affordability. Nissan has cut down on trim levels for the face-lift, so the Canada market only received the SV and S trim, and likewise it’s the former that you’ll want.

If you are in Cambridge Ontario or near and you are thinking about a Nissan Sentra don’t hesitate to give us a visit. We do have an inventory of varying interpretation of the Nissan Sentra to pick from right now, and we’re certain that we can get you sorted with a compact sedan that you’ll come to love down the line. Otherwise, give our online inventory a browse, as you may see something that you’re keen on.